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The Boston Strangler. 

"Hi, I'm Albert, as you can see by the name tag the police gave me. Here, let me help you with that pearl necklace..."

Orenthal Simpson: Beheaded two people and went to prison for memorabilia fraud. He should look more happy about that.

Graham Poll: The Goodison Park Butcher 

Ruled out Dave Hutchison's Derby winner, saying he had already blown the whistle for full time, when he had not. And then he blew the whistle, ensuring his place in hell.

William Hinkley: Proposed to underaged actress Jodie Foster by murdering the most popular pop culture and rock icon in the world. Even that was not enough to impress Foster, and Hinkley remains single to this day.

This guy is ugly, but it's okay, because he's also dead now. 

   C l i v e  T h o m a s 

  Born in the mispelt named town of Treorchy, Wales, this sick animal robbed from Bryan Hamilton in the 1977 FA Cup Semi Final at Maine Road, and donated to Murderer FC.


Geoffry Daumer was a homosexual who raped underaged boys, chopped them up, chewed them up and ate them. He doesn't seem too bothered about it in this picture. Whatever, he was murdered in prison, anyway. 

 Charles Manson: How could Leslie Van Houten and the other Manson sluts refuse to do his deadly bidding when he gazed at them with those deep brown eyes?

        J e f f  W i n t e r 


Jeff never had a chance in life, born a bastard son to a mother who was confined to a whorehouse. 

He took his revenge on over 40,000 innocents at Goodison Park, in April of 2001, by bleeding the clock long after the match should have ended. 

In a deranged move, he then blew the whistle to give his co-hort, G. McAllister a chance to do a wicked thing, and turned his back while it was done.


David Berkowitz, or, "Son of Sam" had a dog. He told the dog to "sit." the Dog told him to "Kill everybody." David obeyed, the dog didn't. 


           Mark Clattenburgh 

Sentenced to a life of ridicule, Goodison Park:  Sept. 2011






A wild animal who blamed prostitues for his lack of genitalia  

 The Unnamed One 

This flaccid-phallused-crooked numb-nut  took money to rape Duncan Ferguson and murder Everton's European football dreams.

Say hello to Satan, hideous freak.


Richard Ramirez. The "Night Stalker" murdered people at night and listened to heavy metal music. During the eighties. You'd kill somebody, too.