The Odd Footballing World of School of Science


In the world of football websites, is a bit different. This website, dedicated to Everton Football Club in England’s Premiere League, is at once childish while being sophisticated, and stupid, while being smart. It may well be the Doctor Seuss of all soccer websites.

School of Science is run by American Kenyon Ledford, who through some sort of mid-life epiphany, woke up one day to find himself in love with soccer, whereas before that moment, he detested it his entire life. Everton were the random team the football gods chose for him, and his website is a kaleidoscope of love and madness that looks like a ten-year-old amped on sugar threw together on a dare. Indeed, you will find no keywords implanted on this site, just random potholes, and the owner’s mad bus of a mind bouncing over them.

Take the match reports on for instance. They have been referred to as gonzo journalism, and indeed, are a sort of surreal romp through both an addled mind and a football pitch. As one undecided reader noted: Gets weirder by the game, does this blog. It makes me feel uneasy and a bit voyeuristic. I cannot tell if I am reading about a match, or stepping into the mind of a man hopped up on mescal and televised soccer.

So pleased was Ledford with that uncommitted and dubious comment, it is now one of the first things you see when you log onto The School of Science. The match previews on this site are not the stuffy pre-match match ups and strategy and statistics that you find everywhere else. The match ups on School of Science are mostly pictures, probably pilfered, that paste together a collage of what one would imagine Ledford sees in his mind when he imagines the match. There is a Rogues’ Gallery on the site that highlights some of the referees that have given Everton trouble over the years, and it is not a section you would view before bedtime, if you planned on having a sound sleep at night. If you are feeling a bit demented sometime, and enjoy football, you may want to give schoolofscience a try, because as it says right on the home page, Demented Are Go.