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             HEADING HOME 

                                                 30 October 1929--8 July 2013 

What we all know will one day be our fate, happened to a Goodison hero today. The passing of Dave Hickson simply means dropping the word “living” from in front of the “Legend” tag, and replacing it with “Immortal.”  



                                   But Liverpool is no place for bitches...Andrew 

In a disgusting new book, VDM tells us everything we already knew; he was a drugged up drunk at Everton. Perhaps the worst part was that he blames Phil Neville for his problems, saying Phil told Moyes everything, and that's how he kept his place in the squad, and why Moyes didn't like VDM.

Andy, allow me to enlighten you:

Neville kept his place in the squad because he was a leader.

You lost your place because you were a drunk.

Neville got games because he held the team together on the pitch

You did not get games because you were falling apart off the pitch

Neville got games because he showed up and put the work in

You did not get games because you cowered, drunk, in a prostitute's bed

Neville got games because he played hard

You did not get games because you partied hard

Neville is team captain

You are a sad drunk

It is not a joke that Neville played for England

It is a joke that you ever played for Everton

Oh, and by writing your little 'tell all' book, you yourself, have become what Neville is not; a snitch.

Little bitches don't get capped, and they don't play for Everton. Go away, you sad, pathetic little freak.



"Playing in that stadium was like a beautiful dream"

"The year at Everton was the best year of my career and I will never forget those amazing fans."



If life was fair, Denis Stracqualursi would be the 21st century incarnation of Duncan Ferguson. 

However, if life was fair, the world would be a dish of milk for kittens, and there would never 

have been any blues; just Pat Boone. Straq has left Goodsion Park. He no longer fit into the plans 

of Everton or David Moyes. What a shame, because he fit perfectly inside the hearts of 

Evertonians. Perhaps he was not up to snuff for the Premiere League, but with time, who can tell 

what he could have become? Time is something Moyes does not enjoy the luxury of, however, 

and so after three memorable goals, some game-changing performances, and a clear passion for 

hard, physical football, our Straq has moved either on or back, but he is gone now. It is 

fortunate, that besides the lasting memories he left behind, this class act paved the road behind 

him with some quotes even more beautiful than his presence on the pitch. Best of luck, Denis, 

Evertonians will always keep an eye on your career, because one never knows when the 

impossible dream becomes the beautiful dream fulfilled.

"I really love Everton and will always have a soft spot for the place. I send all my best wishes to the club and its supporters for the new season."


Heitenga Pondering  Move To Fener


Das, Sure I knows where das is









Seriously. What is up with all those letters? Fennerbucci?  That's it!


Hell Yeah. Italy!




No, no, das is good, let me  just...ponder... 


               GOODBYE    TIM 

EVERTON'S most popular player since Duncan Ferguson exits Finch Farm

 Tim Cahill was a midfielder who scored goals. He scored goals he never should have scored. He made goals he never should have made. 

Tim Cahill scored goals that mattered. He was a great scorer of goals, and not the converse. He reached heights no small man should ever reach. He made Liverpool fans reach all time lows, but he, himself, reached depths only the greatest can reach; the heart of an Evertonian.


          Everton Plans for Unveiling Cahill Statue 


                                            Said to Stand Next to Dixie's Statue


Good Luck,





While the title may be more suited for a Barry Manilow greatest hits CD, except for the 'Tony 

Hibbert' part, We here at SOS like to think of the past ten years as one huge hit on the ankles of 

mincing forwards. Join us, then, in a photo-journal look  back at Tony's career at Everton. I can't 

make music play on this website, but feel free to use your own mood music while you peruse. I 

don't suggest the typical slow ballad that kicks ass at the end. Just set your brain to Led Zepplin's 

"Immigrant Song" and enjoy the shoe. Show, I mean. Damnit! Who writes this shit?


         Oh, Mother of Mary, Why?


 OH, net minder, you'll be eating this one, lad


And the crowd goes wild as I shoot! 


That rebound is MINE, la! Goal, Tony Hibbert la!!! 







Oh God, here comes the goalie, oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit


Oh my God, that's insane! You just kicked the ball and it went into the net! Show me how you do that, show me how you do that, shoe me how you do that! 


I've caught a bottle with a goal inside. And I can use it when I want!



      Umm...Goal Genie?



OKAY, whatever. Goals are for pussies. 


A little help? Someone take this thing from me! 




     Golden Shoe award? Okay! 


Tony may not score very many goals, but he prevents many more than he creates.  


    Goodbye Royston: A Look Back 

                               Everton Sign Royston Drenthe 


Meet the New Pride of the Merseyside!




     HELL YES! 

           Who's the Pitch Invader? LOL




      (Winds Of Change) 

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     My bus! 




LOL  Why the long face, Royston?



   And if you call now, I'll throw in this   signed Anichebe shirt at no extra charge.


 Hi, Cristiano. Can I come home? 




 And the search continues for Royston's replacement